Petition for:
Florida Chiropractic
Continuing Education Online

What we are trying to do:
We want to give Chiropractors the choice to take advantage of online education to complete their continuing education requirements.

Benefits of Online Continuing Education:
Access Classes 24/7
Study Anytime, Anywhere
Build Relationships and Fellowship
Latest Information
Reviewable Class Archives

The next step:
In order for online continuing education to be allowed in Florida, we must take the issue to the Florida Chiropractic board. We will be filing a Petition for Rulemaking and making a request to present the issue in front of the board at the next meeting Friday April, 8 2016 in Orlando, FL.

What you can do to help:
You can help by signing the petition below. We will use the results of the petition in our presentation to the board.

If you don't see the petition form above please
>>click here<<

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